CA IS LIFE VENGO fantasy: Meet the hottest secret sign

Stars re-do their best to spice up your stay in bed.

If you want to find out which are the sexual fantasies of your partner, and you are not one of those ladies who will question just passed over the lips, it is best to consult a horoscope. Each zodiac sign has its own fantasy, and you will easily find out what your loving man expects from you.

SHEEP secret sexual desire is very simple: to take the initiative. It does not matter whether you start a game of love in unexpected times of the day or at a new place in the house – it is important only to surprise him.

Bulls like their partners happy and they like what they are doing. But secretly want to relax a bit and not think about the fact that you must be “confiscated”. Tell him to sit down and relax, but you did perform a striptease.

When a man BLIZANACA brain is the biggest sex organ. Wake him his wish during the day, by sending him mixed messages.

RAK does not want you to know that his deepest sexual desires. He likes to keep the situation under control, “playing strength” while you pray for sex.

If you are brave enough to shoot while making love, you will have to hand LAVA. If this makes you uncomfortable, at least, agree to a large mirror on the ceiling or on the wall next to the bed.

Men DEVICE are flexible and like to change. Therefore, if you introduce a third party, at least in the imagination will fill his secret sexual desire.

SCALE secretly wants to fulfill your every secret wish! If you can not “do something for you,” will have more confidence and prionuće to work from the bottom of my heart.

Do not underestimate the power of a strong sex “reconciliation” with one Scorpio. If there is anxious to work or, if something happens, he will not leave him alone, but to all to overcome the furious sex.

Making love to new exotic places favorite sexual fantasy shooters, because he was a great adventurer. It can also mean somewhere in a public place, especially in young shooter.

Jarc often bothered by the speed with which he lives. Most will be pleasant for him to take a day off to devote only to him and to spend the day in bed – lovers hidden from the rest of the world.

Despite his wishes, Aquarian man does not like to deviate from known paths. Buy him a book about all the places where it is possible to make love, but it is read together with a whisper.

When you see a sexy scene in the film, a man RIBA is long over and over again in my mind spinning. Get dressed as his favorite actress or quote reminded of the film, and his imagination will begin to do anything!