Calculate your destiny number: If you have eight, I envy you

From the date of birth you can find out your figure, describing the birth of the person, determine what you are good at and what are your innate skills, but also emphasizes what should be on it to change.

To find out your figure of birth, lay up numbers in your birth date until you get a single number. This is your birth number.

Here is an example of calculating the number of birth of a person born 20. 3. 1980 whose birth number 5:

20 + 3 + 1980 = 2003
2 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 5

Calculate the number of its own birth in this fun game and in the text below to discover what he’s talking about you.

Number 1 – Launcher

You are always original, and the adoption of new ideas and their execution is in your nature. Many of you are experiencing stubborn and arrogant because we always strive to be you. You like to take the initiative and be the best and ideal jobs for you are the jobs of leaders and bosses, and you are your own boss.

Advice: Be open-minded and consider the ideas of other people sometimes just as good or better than yours.

Number 2 – Peacemaker

You were born diplomat. You are aware of others’ needs and feelings and often a mean other than to yourself. You are analytical and very intuitive they do not like being alone. Friendship and society are very important to you and you can encourage you to be successful, but on the other hand prefer to be alone than in a relationship where you can be completely yourself.

Tip: you are naturally shy but should work on raising self-esteem.

Number 3 – Idealista

You are idealistic, creative, social, charming, romantic and relaxed. Often you start something, but do not perform to the end. Do you like when people around you happy and you will give my best to help them do that for which you are a favorite in society.

Tip: learn to look at the world and life a little more realistic.

Number 4 – Conservative

You are sensitive and traditional and like order and routine. It works only when you fully understand what is expected of you. Do not be afraid of hard work. I love to spend time outside because they feel a strong connection with nature. You do not mind waiting because you are stubborn and rebellious.

Tip: Be more flexible and less hard on yourself.

Number 5 – nonconformist

You are a researcher, and your curiosity, passion and enthusiasm for risk often lead you in an awkward situation. Need diversity and threatening the routine. You’re full of questions, a whole world for you is a school and you think of every situation you have to learn.

Tip: Sometimes it is necessary to think before you act and be familiar with all the facts before you finish something.

Number 6 – romantic

You are an idealist, but to be happy you need to feel useful. You have a strong need to worry about others and help them. The connection with the family you jak important. You’re very loyal, a teaching job is created for you. If you like art and music. You are a loyal friend and his own friendship seriously.

Tip: Learn to distinguish between what you can change and what you can not.

Number 7 – Intellectual

You are a seeker who is constantly looking for hidden information and always want to penetrate into the depths of everything that surrounds you. Feelings do not control your decisions. In the life of all the questioning, but do not like others to examine you. Never rush your motto that you slow operation and settled the first to reach the finish line. Interested in technology and you are successful in research occupations. You like secrets.

Tip: you live in your own world, but you should learn what is acceptable in a world in which you live.

Number 8 – Great “face”

Master you have to solve the problem, you are a professional, sometimes ruthless, well judging things and determined you are. Do you have big plans and like to live well. You want to have control over other people, and all the people watching objectively. Others clearly you admit you are in charge.

Tip: be relaxed and try to suppress the need to control the people around you.

Number 9 – Showman

You were born entertainer, caring and generous, willing to give the last money to help. Irresistibly charming and you can easily find the friends you no one is a stranger. You have so many different personalities that people sometimes difficult to fathom. You’re like a chameleon, constantly changing to fit into any environment. Love is a prerequisite for your success in life.

Tip: You do not need to constantly change and adapt to other people were nice.