Can not find a soul mate? Horoscope reveals WHY ARE YOU STILL

Taurus must move and Fish to stop acting the victim.


Aries is prone to frequent changes of mood and is known for a short fuse, and therefore it is almost impossible to finish any discussion with him. Instead of trying to solve things with a partner, preferring to ignore it for a while.

This is not always the best way i can only worsen relations related.

Rams are also known as a leader and can become aggressive if you notice that they are no longer at the top of the pyramid.


This sign does not compromise, even when he’s wrong. I would rather have stood in thought than that regarding certain problems that need to be addressed. They hate the feeling of insecurity and therefore break with them can be a real hell.

If you start making some changes without their participation, there is a chance that it will only shut down and disappear from the link as it will be considered that you have not committed to the relationship as those that ignore them.


Because of its impermanence, sometimes it is very difficult to predict the next move of this sign. Very difficult decisions, especially if they are limited in time. If they made a great environmental changes without prior consultation, it can easily happen to be left alone. The twins hate routine and easy things they can become annoying.


Cancer can sometimes be quite possessive when it comes to a life partner outside the relationship. If this causes a conflict, will do everything to manipulate things so they dropped the victim. If things go wrong in connection, will simply stop trying.


Lions can be very self-centered and selfish and so reject the partners of himself. Their arrogance can become a problem if they do not feel dominant in the relationship. Instead of solving problems, would rather turn back and begin to ignore the partners – but if you do the same, there will be hell.


It is a character that is very critical of yourself and others and therefore very often thought that it is not worth a good connection. If you are still in that, subconsciously trying to sabotage it. Device have big problems to speak in your name and it can be very inconvenient for the person who seeks self-confident partner, and creates additional problems and worries about the least negative comments.


Libra is the king of avoiding conflict and is ready to go so far as to pretend as if everything is fine although the house is burning. Once the link is found in crisis, so will naduriti it would drive him crazy partners.


Great passion that this character has, depending on the situation can be a good or a very bad thing. This passion during an argument can escalate into violence and jealousy.

Very difficult to understand that dishonesty though very often I can be a extremely secretive.


Shooters promising towers and castles when you are in love, but it can later bay in big trouble. By nature are very extroverted and will do everything to achieve what they imagined.

They hate when they feel bound to respect and the lack of freedom will soon leave partners.


It is the right know-that in no time can annoy anyone who is not able to follow. In connection always expects the worst and often sabotage a good thing.

When the connection is in trouble rarely chooses words when troubled and therefore often losing partners.


This is one of the most hard-emotional character and therefore it is very difficult to love. In this connection it needs a person who will always be on his side, and the moment when that opinion changes – it’s all over.


Fish often pay too much trust in a relationship and therefore fail to see any flaws in the beginning. They need people who will brag about their strengths and avoid mention of mana. If you feel the criticism will begin to behave like a victim, and that no one wants in a relationship.