Cancer / Cancer-characteristics of your character in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

This is, undoubtedly, a very interesting combination, because they see in it amplified all the characteristics of a character that is in itself sufficient changeable and incomprehensible. Each adult carries a child who dreams. This is, of course, just an image that needs to illustrate the character of people born under the sign of Cancer, which is the Ascendant in Cancer. Life gets feelings for her exceptional importance since it operates solely under the influence of internal impressions.

Its adaptation to the outside world is undergoing the physical and mental evolution sheltered from external aggression. To the extent that progress in introducing ourselves pure type of cancer found out that the need to psychologically reinforces to preserve their marital or family nucleus where it will pour out its sensitivity to themselves create the family fireplace, a house, a shield, a solid basis from which will then able to radiate in a life that does not fall into the traps that he sets them company. Important it is also necessary that the other in the right way betray the trust of his qualities.

His nature would be in the spirit of love and that in all circumstances the word has its sensibility; however, without great strength of character, little is likely to come out unscathed from there, not to suffer the adverse effects that may disrupt the internal balance and disappoint his faith in friendship. This will be the first love, which does not have to end, timeless beauty, a life that refuses to accept the inevitability of death.

Dreams of being in power realities. Chimeras tortured childhood, it refuses to sacrifice his ideal demands of material life. So often encounters great difficulty adjusting, making him thrown into melancholy, as if insulting for some unforgettable golden age, as if moving, like Marcel Proust (which is in the horoscope also a Cancer, or the Ascendant in Aries), “in search of the lost time “…

– Your existence is largely influenced by family pictures. Important to you tradition and patriotism; like to collect things and to go back to the past. Emotions seem very strong. In you there is imagination, fantasy, or a certain creativity and taste for beautiful things. Your authority is always painted a certain concern for others – you have great intuition in assessing people and often turn to others’ wishes and needs. Basically you’re shy, so we have to get really flourished, need love and encouragement.

Enjoy romantic situations, the behavior you are gracious and charming, but you are, whenever you hurt as discomfort tend to retract into its shell. Due to the high sensitivity, you are subject to the influence of the environment and strive to see life through others. After the first meeting with you people are impressed by your deep feelings and fragile security. Fat you rich, but what you want is not always realistic.

Take care of your moods, it may happen that you understand all too personal. Therefore, you should sometimes move into Capricorn, in your opposite sign. Over time you will gain more maturity and wisdom. It means accepting the necessity of the fact that they should grow up and deal with life …