Cancer / Capricorn characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Is there anything more difficult than to realize in life the great dreams of childhood, especially if there is an internal conflict between indifference and stocks, real estate and enthusiasm, patience and eruptive? Need to plunge into the fantastic world of fairy does not agree exactly with the joy of life. Cancer is the whole feeling and sensibility; Ram’s most dominant feature is the willpower.

Combined, these two so different and contradictory characters often provide refuge for nature, which is in constant conflict with itself.

Cancer – Aries bad submits its contradictions if you fail to express them. Receptive and sensitive, he feels that he regards everything around him going and torn between the desire to intervene to change the course of events or affect people, and wishes to withdraw, to take refuge in himself, so as not would be too suffered due to the conflict that is observed when the need is considered powerless to resolve them. Too sensitive, it often has the impression that he is haunted by an evil fate, while patiently weaves, often without realizing it, a network which traps. Can not find a balance only if your water is very active professional life in parallel, creating themselves a steady fire, the city is ideal to relieve his feelings.

Full of warmth, Cancer – Capricorn is an outstanding point of support, you are in the bosom of the family. Courageous, it can provide a sense of moral safety of her and trying to help them to resist the temptations which they are exposed. Not so much needed to develop the positive values ​​of this combination: for example, entrepreneurial spirit coupled with persistence. But here are extreme as possible so that this astrological combination is never possible to pre-assess as positive or negative, because it is always possible to change and transformations …

– You will need time, a lot of time to cut the umbilical cord and fled from the protection of the family, in the shelter that you can always come back. Even so, can you say that you are aggressive, energetic, impatient and extrovert than the usual, stressed the members of your sign of Cancer. You have a sense of risk and adventure, the need to “do things,” to turn their dreams into reality. You have sagorevačku energy, especially during the full moon. At that time, you have a tendency to over-react to what you can bring problems. Basically you are troubled, your approach to the world is the immediate rather than diplomatic.

Avoid express your opinion without hesitation. There is a strong contradiction between your courage which is often in the foreground and your fear of life and exposure blows of fate. You force yourself often to deal with the world, but in the soul of dread. You’re very sensitive. Your problem is that you can not find a balance between the inner and outer world, between private life and profession. True, your trump cards, perseverance and resourcefulness, allow you to be successful in their endeavors, but your weaknesses, childish behavior and naivety they often derail …