Cancer / Gemini characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

In this combination, the most dominant characteristics of Gemini represented by the extreme intellectual activity, all according to the openness, which can satisfy some interest, at least for short periods and, combined with a richness of emotions and feelings of subjective convictions, unclear thoughts and those with uncertain and ambiguous attitude typical of cancer. This combination of intellect with instinct can be a great foundation of intuition, capturing the true capabilities of the flight and the unmistakable assessing the situation and opportunities.

In this combination, the moon and Mercury are joining their efforts to extend childhood and adolescence until adulthood, and to create one of those creatures that are said to “know how to stay young forever.” This mixed type is not clean bloodless intellectual. On the contrary. He endures, imaginative, sensitive. His deep sensitivity drives him to be interested in things human and social relations. But he wavers between the intimacy of his family life and fatigue in the outside world who would so willingly plunged.

Constantly trying to reconcile with the availability of a sense of security, social life with the private dream with lucidity. It is not always easy! Sometimes it is difficult to prove as a person because they easily fall under the influence of the environment. His inner life that trigger numerous and complex substances, determines the center of his spirit in love with the innovations and wonders, which often borders on fiction. Such a person is subject to both good and bad influences, and is therefore able to for the best and worst things.

As a loner in a crowd, Gemini – Gemini minds unequaled to pioneer roads. But because of his temperament, which is both peaceful and dreamy gentle, but also alive, flexible movements of the world that surrounds him, he hardly finds its proper place, thinking constantly that he would elsewhere be better and quickly tired of socializing with the same people. It happens also that it can not handle the responsibility of a successful man, and retreats to his childhood, finds pleasure in melancholy and enjoy stories about the good old days …

– Whether it’s this or the reverse combination (Gemini ascendant with Cancer), both have difficulty “accessing stage of maturity.” But this combination is still somewhat better. This rising gives you the ability to communicate, to ease spontaneously establish contacts. You are more verbal than other crabs, especially when you need to express something that is related to emotions. You have plenty of imagination, extraordinary intelligence and developed a critical spirit – is characterized by a constant need you to understand something, get to know and learn.

You are practical, resourceful and know how to draw lessons from failure. You are very adaptable and changeable moods; volatility we depend on subsequent, often wiser thinking. Versatile you are, but you have to learn to concentrate and not act impulsively. Be careful not to waste energy doing several things at once – you have more sense than to design ideas for their realization. Can not stand the stability of not only hard work, while at the same time you Your impermanence uncertain. The future you can become a difficult puzzle!