Cancer-Horoscope for August 2021.


Emphasized second field your interests focus on earnings or financial transactions. If there are debts from the previous period should be sure to return them as soon as possible, if not all, at least most of it. This favors the new moon in your field of money on August 2 and provides the opportunity for additional income or increase revenues in the next two weeks. Any change of work under the influence of the transit of Mars and its entry into the sign of Sagittarius, after 2 August. In accordance with the symbolism of this planet, possible changes will be difficult and complicated for you. If the change is inevitable, accept it or see that their actions do not further complicate things. If it’s just one of the options, avoid it at the moment, as it is better known to suffer from it than to lie down in the new jobs that are not getting along well. Members sign leading independent business should take due account of some kind of control of any type, so as not to come into a situation that they have to pay penalties.


There are many opportunities for new emotional ties, but it seems that every new relationship more complicated than the previous one. Attract troubled individuals who themselves do not know what they want, or believe that you can help them solve their problems easier. This is of course wrong from the start, because it will only pile up problems, and emotional situation will, of course, be more complicated. Only after joining Venus in the sign of Virgo, after the 5th of August, your emotional sky begins to clearing and relationships become more harmonious. Increase the opportunities for a better understanding of the problems are slowly disappearing. This period will be particularly advantageous for the free members sign. If you are alone, you will be able to start a new relationship, while those who are married or cohabiting imminent stabilization of relations. Everything becomes easier and easier.


Generally feel good. People suffering from chronic diseases could be faced with milder problems. Follow the advice of doctors or prescription treatment to avoid complications.