Cancer-Horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: Even though Mercury will be retro through your field of work, that’s no reason to demoralize and run out of enthusiasm or ideas. Cancer always find a solution and you can have an advantage over others because you will definitely get the chance to work in a large company that can provide security and above all interesting job from which you earn the best possible. If you are into public business, newspapers, TV, music, theater, there is a source of income. It is particularly important to work with children. The money you need to save in the second and third week of the month because there is a possibility to get into debt. No pretrujte the investment that you are not one hundred percent sure that you will succeed. For you are important properties, as always, you can have success after 20 December in the business.

LOVE: End of December, namely the 19th of the month, it is important for the Tropic because Saturn is in the seventh house of marriage. The next two and a half years you will have a test how the marriage or stable relationship, how much you can trust each other above all, how much you believe in everything you do now created together. Saturn brings additional responsibility through marriage, through the law, cooperation with others. Those who have had a problem in the marriage, it will be a period of separation or a physical separation. Cancer seeking new love will surely find it in the workplace, in a strong state institution, museum, theater, or in the old part of the city.

HEALTH: You are the one who must take into account the weight, the physical condition, especially need to pay attention to diet, but this month is a warning crabs to injury, injuries, crashes, especially after rain, snow, here you are sensitive and easily falling .