Cancer-Horoscope for February 2021st


As long as it is in your field of love Mars as the ruler of Scorpio, you will be emotional segment priority. And that, of course – the element of passion will be more than present. You yourself are aware that this fire I was the cause of some origins in the last month I may have some stories that I would rather forget. In February, especially in its first half, free will may be inclined to occasionally indulge in some flirting or avanturicu. The second part of the month will bring the possibility of something more serious, or whether it will go in this direction – will depend on you. This person is ready to be with you And last, but the question is how much you will be willing to give up their freedom. Also, the past in one moment can again “zablinkati” I send you a signal, but I am more than convinced that this will completely relax a. Those in long relationships or marriages have a fine time in front of you. If you intend to create children, pay attention to the second half of the month. If that’s not in the plans – then make sure I be careful. However, some will be emotional ties because of pregnancy take seriously the direction toward agreements on the community I married. Well, now you see how much this fits into what you want … In the second part of the month there will be a couple of days when the communication between you and a loved one to be toned and colored suspicion, jealousy, possessiveness. Well, things should be pretty fast regulating and not leave a greater impact on you and your partner. Enjoy the passion, I love to freak out … together.


Everything that you started in January and continued in this month and that unabated, and there is a high predisposition for progress in the business sphere. Financial segment will be a priority, and the opportunity for earnings will be more than usual. Just in this segment, you have to be careful, because sometimes will appear some chances entail risk, it is necessary composure and even one dose of calculation. Yes, you can make money overnight, but I can also stay at a loss, as well iskalkulišite I not complaining too much. One change that you desire will start much faster to take place in the second half of February, and then open the Tropic of Cancer and more opportunities to work with foreigners and market expansion. Do not forget that Saturn still in your job everyday obligations, and that his dispositor Jupiter goes retrograde stroke. Before you stands a month when you need to fully focus on what you do and do not leave things unfinished. Activates some stories that you started during the previous period and cooperation with people who appear to be serious partners.


With stress and anxiety is pretty good fight, so this one will not be a bigger problem in February. In the latter part of more pay attention to the condition of the reproductive organs, and can I have more respiratory infections. The stomach and digestive system are also one of the weak points. The possibility of food poisoning.