Cancer-Horoscope for July 2020

JOB: Mercury in another field of your sign will be given to speed up and to start thinking about some of the higher planes. How is that possible, you will know for yourself if you hire more. Venus enters the sign of Virgo from July 10 and its position here is not particularly good because you have to learn patience, better communication with associates. Also, you need to take care of finances, because you tend to spend or give to other irrelevant things, jobs, projects that are not hardwired for success. The second half of the month is better to cooperate with the earth signs, especially with the Virgin can develop good communication and ideas can be put into practice.

LOVE: Venus in the third field gives the sometimes secret love traveling. You will be safe somewhere between waking and sleeping whether to agree to such an adventure. Strong emotions of the characters provides that at any moment to give birth to a new love. The cancer can often be dreaming, dreaming. Sometimes sadness and sets can be born lucky. Usually in such a state of affairs most beautiful verses and poems. The spirit and soul during the month of July are still looking for your better half. This is your month. It’s hard to be at this time to be alone or lonely Rakova, but if that happens, the end of the month brings a new relationship that can be double by the end of the year.

HEALTH: Health is a liquid, water, spa. Be as much at sea. Water heals and restores you in life.