Cancer-Horoscope for March 2021st


The most vulnerable are in March crabs that are in marriages. When you do not have long blooming roses, and occasional attempts you or your partner to the previous period adjusted their attitudes were short and without much success. Not during this period you will not be able to eliminate the damage, on the contrary, it seems to me that the two of you just go further in separation. Given that the eclipse of the Moon in the last decade of March to be just in your box at home … I’m not sure how to proceed further. Feelings and desire for communion are completely gone, and whether some couples get away or not from these black holes into which they have fallen, only time will show. Those in emotional relationships have their ups and downs but it will still grow to maintain their relationship. In the last decade it is possible that one of your friends interfere in your relationship, it would be good to not seek advice from others, but to work with a partner in its feel. Free Crabs throughout the month will be in the mood for love. Mars is out of your field of love, or the Venus of Aries caressing your sign trine, the desire for it to find your soul mate especially emphasized. Now, the second thing will be more “match” some horrible combination, which in turn have little to do with romance, but now even the element of fire can develop the basis for a stable relationship. Bar ….. hope if it does not, be sure that you do some very fiery night stay in the memory.


One aspect that will bring the most annoying business segment is certainly square Mercury and Mars will be the most affected in comparison with colleagues and superiors. Communication is very poor, so learn to shut up when it is necessary, in order not to further provoke some conflicts. Overall, your field of business and everyday life has so far been painted by weight is brought Saturn, and when the beginning of the month it went in, and Mars, things will be complicated further. Em will be tensions and pressure that all operations and uncompleted obligations over, em will relationships be very strenuous. The need to change some things and get moving can sometimes become unbearable, but this month does not give you some great opportunities for radical reversals better. Instead of this, accept that you have to do what you’ve downloaded to yourself and make sure that it finished in a proper way. Finance will be a sore point, not due to reduced inflows, but because of increased costs and some neglected debts.


Whenever you are in the field of health malefic, and you are here now and Saturn and Mars, you have to pay special attention to this segment. Elders will be ongoing chronic disease, and possible problems with blood count and digestive system. Teeth, bones, spine, ligaments as well. It is necessary to pay more attention to nutrition and healthy habits.