Cancer-Horoscope for May 2021st


All you will be during this month of “force” to access the emotional relationships in a different way. If you are alone, it is difficult to you to the past to fully close behind and it is likely that you will occasionally during this period will have lows and some attempts to contact and communicate with former partner recover. Some crabs will be through a friend inquire about the person that they remain in the heart, or perhaps send signals through social networks – in fact, you will still pick up old wounds. It is true that here some contacts can be restarted, but it is possible that this restoration is short-lived and that keeps you in just the next few months. I’d advise you to turn yourself a little, hanging out with friends and going out, because you go from this segment opportunities for new emotional stories. Since Mercury, which rules your communication, it is not the best placed, you may access a lot of these stories shy or be withdrawn, expecting that the other party is active. The Council is to “break” and not miss your chance for happiness. Those who have their primary relationships and marriages have about many things to talk with your loved one. Do not avoid these conversations that only they can bring some things between the two of you crystallize and maybe, just maybe – go in a positive direction.


Two malefic, both in the retrograde stroke in the field of business and the circumstances of everyday tasks complicated task crustaceans in May. It is true that some things are a little harder to start direct motion of Jupiter at the end of the first decade, but also to continue to be a period in front of you when you arrive to success only if it operates in a steady, stable, highly practical mode. Support of other states, it is possible that during this May occur and some important friendships, establish important contacts with people who are willing to push you, but do not count on any of it go fast. For some agreements will have to go back and revisit them, some contracts will have to be changed, because the associates to seek better conditions or whether you are limiting some additional requirements. What will work well is a financial segment where you can expect stability and inflows from multiple sources, as well as the collection of old debts.


A lot of aggravation and a lot of energy expenditure in the business segment of the younger population will continue to make problems and “infringe upon” your immune system. You are aware that the moves necessary to withdraw, but can not seem to put yourself first. In older will be ongoing chronic problem, mostly with bones, spine. It should be regularly monitored.