Cancer-Horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: understand all too lightly. You think you can rule the situation, but it is not so. Crabs need to take care of the finances and everything is subordinated to a situation in which they find themselves. Venus in Libra can bring you to solve some legal questions about the house you live in, but also to be the company you work for. If you had mistakes in the past, then you have to be good all heck to fix, solve legal in your favor. The second half of the month could be better because you can count on to work with the women of the world who you are affectionate and loyal. Deal with services and activities for women like creations of clothing, care and education of children, education of young people, teenagers.

LOVE: The first half of the month is open to love and new acquaintances. Crabs, like Fish, Scorpions – will have luck in love and in a new acquaintance. Open field you love and you will meet your soulmate. Cancer loves romance and song but will love to look at some nice restaurants and cafes where the old town music or jazz. If you are married, then you expect from a partner that you are not viewed with much love, because he feels bad about his work. This is the reason to correct the situation and help him, and therefore your marriage.

HEALTH: Cancer is in this period is subject to viruses, colds, sneezing, cough, it may be that you have a high fever for several days.