Cancer-Horoscope for September 2021.


Emotional ties and marital relations Rakova during September on the big exam. The truth is that Jupiter will walk at the end of the first decade in your box at home, but that does not mean they are under his protection and those relations which is already “expired”. NI solar eclipse is not a lunar eclipse, and both occur in the first two days of September, you do not go to hand. It is evident that from the very beginning of the period to start a communication problem with a partner, but it is more than likely that something that until that moment was hidden, it can see the light of day. This could be your or your partner’s secrets, but also the problems that you have persistently pushed under the carpet, hoping it will go away. In fact, by mid-September will likely all be resolved – whether you stay together or not. Those couples who overcome upcoming problems have a great rest of September and it is obvious that their relationship only deepened. Free members sign are somewhat withdrawn in the first decade, while in the second open opportunities for new acquaintances and interesting contacts with the opposite sex. Business segment, but I socialize with friends, social networks – places where they could be a potential partner could occur. Communication can take a lot of good, but without haste – only the last decade is great for love.


It is not in the business segment, the situation will not work easily. Your field of work and money, as well as arrangements and communication with associates are under pressure due to the eclipse of the sun in early September. In the first decade Be cautious in handling money, and it is possible that you will agree that you have to count at the last moment to be “spin out of hand.” Some of you I can now face with a lot of unpleasant information, and even job loss. An eclipse of the Moon, ruler of your sign, occurs in mid-month, in the field of foreigners, plans a “potkačiće” Again everything related to business and contacts with business partners. In fact, only the last ten days of September after the releasing you. No extra significant improvements will not happen at this point, but you will at least be able to be relieved and to focus on stabilizing the business, especially the financial segment. Just this finance will be quite sore point for all Tropic – pay attention to investment and regulate the debts and obligations that you have.


Stress and frustration can during September will be the main drivers of health problems. Only by entering the third decade of the circumstances of the clearing, giving you the ability to recover and stabilize. In the meantime – make sure that I take care of your physical or mental health.