Cancer / Leo the characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

This combination can be defined as a day and night in the same person; they encourage flowering generous personality or her dangerous inflation. Emotional impulses in this compound sign and Ascendant dictated and dominated by a strong will Lava. Natural can cause serious internal conflict of these two forces is difficult to control; Yet receptive nature Raka minds skillfully to deal with such conflicts.

For its part, The fiery nature of Leo encouraged to properly identify their own power; on the one hand, there is a desire for personal self-assertion, but on the other also a strong tendency for solitude. Self-love is strong but also very delicate. Thus, the contrast of the surpassing power of Lava and stubborn aversion characteristic of fighting to Raka, trying to find one of your harmony. In this nature, though, the ambitions are not already receiving brakes decisive form. In it, willpower will express in the iron decision at all costs defend its ideals …

– Leo gives a longing for the stage lights, the quality of a star, optimism, but all of it, you do not feel inside. After the first meeting with you people are impressed by your deep feelings and fragile security. Fat you rich, but what you want is not always realistic. Avoid their wishes as reality, to have illusions about themselves but also about others; if you stay lucid people have a chance to succeed on the material plane.

Take care of your taste for luxury and need to be a bottomless bag, and that because of their fears and the need to have confirmation from other flag up all around. It is undeniable that you are self-centered, ambitious and you can not go unnoticed. However, you have a lot of quality: the will, the courage, the understanding of each other, a sense of honor. You rule and it becomes necessary, you worry about everything and everyone, investing in all their power. You are always looking for solid support and can count on the help of friends.

Your difficulties are reflected in the fact that as soon as you get one battle, throwing to another, trying to climb a little, because you love to use their reputation. Strong personality and you effortlessly dominate over others. You are honest and direct, romantic and idealistic, and yet, if you have not mastered the lesson of generosity, can be egotistical, stubborn and undisciplined. By nature egocentric and proud, you know how you finish, you are social, esthete, in a word, creative. Your behavior can vary from excessive exposure to restraint, so that your environment you never know who he’s dealing.

You are very fastidious about any election to be done. Calling for full and cultivate certain principles and mediocrity you pretty sad. Ambitious you are, your goals must be elevated, and the means by which they will achieve noble. Idealists, believe in certain virtues like honesty and decency. Your negative traits: badly placed and managed pride. Relations with the environment is affected. Your friends are starting to think that they could show a little humility and such over-confidence could lead you to big mistakes, especially on the emotional level …