Cancer / Libra characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Divided between love of family intimacy, emotional comfort and sentimental stability, and love for social ties, the game “and hazardous love, Libra – Libra wanted at the same time to live in society or profession and to preserve the calm world of relaxation and reverie. Such an ideal balance is hard to find. A person endowed with such a rich and contradictory nature difficult to reconcile the need for a strong inner life and the desire to open up to the world. Will not her forte and frequent indecision leads the point that misses targets, which they determined.

Can you give in to temptation to live in illusions and when her narcissism is disturbed by a sudden desire to show with elegance, feels difficulty themselves placed in relation to others, to define variations of his character, and was hesitant in terms of behavior in different situations, not knowing what’s the first to show: his being or his presence. She would be happy to let it drop behind the mask that hides his excessive sensitivity, but it does not allow the fear of showing just how vulnerable.

This will be difficult to tolerate the aggression of their loved ones, and suffers from mediocrity of their surroundings. Fortunately, the power of spiritual balance owned by Aquarius, but only managed to provide the stability of a variable spirit of Cancer and to form a personality capable to recognize that emotions can express that love of beauty can be expressed and to their loved ones may be affected so that it creates an intimate Fund and benign gentleness emanating finally the found balance. This combination of different character produces creative and harmonious nature, which recognizes the value of each life and each of its actions reveals its inner qualities …

– Tactical and you are peaceful, you have the gift of reconciliation, sense of justice and to develop relationships with other people. It is difficult to resist your charms – Your charm is expanding even though you really something special and do not bother. In all things, and see what is positive and what is negative, but it is difficult to take a stand; therefore sometimes act indecisively. You have a great sense of aesthetics and refined taste – you could possess true artistic talents in the right way if you make the most of your creative imagination.

To really achieve something, you must have a partnership. Above all love a harmonious atmosphere, you are unable to live alone and have to constantly acknowledge that in front of others. You are not designed to manage tough battle, nor have a competitive spirit. Less grumpy than other crabs, you have Venus diplomacy, charming you are, you want to be liked and always trying to mentally and emotionally in some way balance the things – which can be a great asset when combined with your natural talent for perception.

Elegant and sophisticated, you prefer to be surrounded by beautiful things and beauty in general. Mana you may be exaggerated sentimentality and nurturing disadvantaged emotional ties – you’re romantic, idealistic and often are a victim of their hypersensitivity. You are subject to influences, flexible, and you can agree. Your great desire is to create yourself a nice and peaceful world! ..