Cancer Man-Emotional wind!

Map name: Cancer (Cancer)
Description of the map: Emotional wind
Characteristics: He is pleased when he can to help others, as a good host, and when the people around him feel safe. Their fears and dissatisfaction may hide from others and it is very important to talk about their emotions, especially those less pleasant.

It is very sensual and romantic, is linked to the memories which can be dangerous in those situations where, for example, is expected to enter into emotional relationship with another person. In the best of times is extremely creative, practical and very protective of his family, smiling, cheerful, optimistic and sociable.

He’s trying to please your partner, surprise him and to provide him with comfort. It can be of interest writing, music, drawing, enjoying everything that allows him to unleash the hidden part of yourself. Is related to the family and the mother’s opinion.

His identity depends on a lot of family relationships and closeness members. Things are his hobby will show everyone, and if someone shows the person expects full trust and praise for what it says or does.

Difficult rejects the past and usually collects and preserves the image of things, or some other evidence of the times in which he lived. He likes to be liked but often comes to flirting. By nature is sensitive, but few know what he thinks about himself and others.

Often there is a need to remind the old love or even to fantasize about them. However, as to some extent he wants adventure, but is too afraid of losing what he has, his imagination came as an outlet for all that has done or experienced.