Cancer-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: Cancer needs to take into account the mode of communication. Aspects of Mars from the field work and Saturn are in a bad relationship. This is a time when something has to be changed, for the better, if possible, because anger, jealousy, imagined leadership – can be a real danger to this constellation. Many Cancers will have to come to terms with destiny that can not do anything and everything, and they have to change jobs. Better days before the end of the month, when possible stabilization.

LOVE: Emotionally, this sign knows himself to find a person that he is the best for home life. From 14 October the good aspects of new love, the long-awaited call from a person abroad. Crabs in a marriage may have given love and passion, but backed by some nice trips or stories. The children will be the focus of interest. Focus on their games and interests, especially if they went to school.

HEALTH: you lack vitamins, fruits, fresh vegetables that can help you with a better metabolic and thyroid. It is important to avoid excessive work and frustration, because you’ll encourage malfunctioning thyroid hormone.