Cancer-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


In your field of serious emotional partnership and marriage is transiting Mars, whose energy can take advantage of both positive and negative. The support by Jupiter in your field of home and family, as well as the new moon in the house at the beginning of October, they give you a new opportunity, a new chance to emotional relationships that are important to secure and stabilize. If that’s what you really want – Mars will bring you new strength, more mutual effort and patience to strengthen your relationship. However, its energy can be used for strife and conflict, it definitely would not lead to nothing positive. Think carefully about how you and how to build their love relationships in this period. Great opportunity you get, now I make. If some of you are involved in some form of a secret relationship, which developed rapidly in the last month, be careful – everything that happens between you and “secret love” will become more intense and you can easily distract from the regular partnership. A lone Crabs – Venus in transit through your house of love, and in the third decade that included the Sun and Mercury. Feel free to expect a lot of activity, a lot of new friends, partying, flirting and fun until the early morning hours. Many of you, however, present the need to strengthen ties and to find partners with whom they can build a serious relationship. The second part of the month will bring you a real opportunity to do just that.


The sun, which the government of your affairs and finance, in the sign of Libra to the beginning of the third decade of October, and promising members of your sign solid cooperation and good partnership relations. Also, the easier it will grow to cope with demanding responsibilities, and it is no wonder that some of you in the second part of this period have the opportunity to improve their business status. With superiors are trying to function in a compromise variant, especially during the second decade, because you will often be frustrated criticism of the way you work. Unemployed Crabs shall be activated from the start of the month, because in front of you more than a good chance to find an adequate job for yourself. Some of you will have the opportunity to frequent business trips, and in particular will be active in mid-October. Expect to expand business scope, especially those who have family businesses or private business. Finance correctly.


Enough solid month in the health segment. If you are a member of the younger generation – more pay attention to the immunity of the second part of October. Those who are a little older take account of the urogenital tract. If you have problems related to the spine, arms, shoulders – you will find an adequate therapy for themselves.