CANCER PARENT-What you are as a parent and how to behave towards their children?

Crabs have expressed will or are unparalleled to find a sense of security for his family. They do not need to learn parenting, or because their example could show it. Intuitively know what children need. Will convince them that the safest family home, a parental hug the warmest place in the world. They’re in love in my family, listening to the subtle needs of their children, so they will always be at your service. Im very pronounced protective instinct, but sometimes they can be manipulative, they need emotional security. Parents Crabs are tireless collectors and keepers of memories. They kept interesting children’s drawings and photos carefully inscribed with dates. Very hard to bear the child’s puberty period because they start to feel marginalized while trying to bind the child for themselves by all possible means: the tears and the prohibition to criticize his friends and sympathy.