Cancer-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

The seemingly cruel, arrogant or controlled, crabs hiding complex emotional structure and deep inner experiences. These are people who are built from strong feelings and deep to experience everything happening around them. They seem passive, silent are cautious and secretive. Like cancer timid retreat into themselves as they saw an unknown, because what is alien to them regularly as a threat. But most of them are not concerned and do not be afraid so much for themselves as much for his family, especially children. They have a special feeling for the care of offspring, as well as for the preservation of tradition. Do not apply for the toughs, but when it comes to those they love, and their homeland, will stand fearlessly in their defense.

Religious are spiritual values ​​higher prices of material, and love them the most important! But at the same time and in professional terms have much to give. When you have a clear objective, are persistent and determined, do not spend time on outings, society and entertainment, have already been directed to work and family. They have a lot of acquaintances, but few of those they would call friends. According to them the generous and selfless, and to all others distrustful. They are not prone to bragging, even the exaggeration in self-pity. When you are in the larger society and a social occasion, feel discomfort and fighting the cold holding, cynical remarks and alcohol. Those who know them love them for their generosity, sensitivity and care, confidentiality and samarićanstva.