Cancer / Virgo characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

House this sensitive and peaceful creatures his shell and by family circle is the center of his life. This person is your weakness is compensated by making life organized in detail, constantly adhering to its principles. Doubting is a watch that is not open to any person. He can be expressed only in the intimacy of a family or in a small circle of carefully selected friends and fidelity in love and friendship on the first place.

Far from being overwhelmed in the first rush, do not give up easily, and fosters a kind of timid behavior, the more morally than physically, which makes her very tactfully being, sensitive, sincere and goods. Sometimes, however, proves to be too stiff. Since he can not risk this person missed opportunities in life, and one that should grab it as soon as you indicate.

Cautious and reserved nature makes the opposite opportunists such as Gemini or Libra. But in turn, it is not without ability to adapt. If you must make a decision, it does so with great care for detail. A serious and modest, trying to take the place he thinks belongs to her, not cultivating excessive ambition.

All in all, the unity of Cancer – Virgo gives basically receptive personality, open to impressions coming from the external world, always ready to pick up everything that can enrich its spiritual and intellectual baggage. It is an extremely intelligent guy who grows spontaneously to enter the essence of other people or things. He has an innate sense of hospitality and above all for the friendship that manages to elevate the depth of feelings. This person likes to show her attention and expressing love. Her ability to deal with difficulties and victories that managed to achieve, do not make it ever the proud …

– Do you have common sense and people you have the initiative; you tidy and organized. Your tendency toward perfectionism often you can do very strenuous. Strive for self-control, methodical action and avoidance of adventure. Such behavior you generally stay away from danger and hard knocks, but you might be close to a monotonous life.

Because, and you also love life, or are you enjoying some inner voice constantly exhorted to be shut down to all your impressions accumulate, gathering them to the maximum. Tim manages voice at your Virgo and if you sometimes feel that life passes you without touching you too, know that it is to blame the impact of your Ascendant.

Spontaneous only when you feel completely safe; Then you discover that you luckastiji more than they show. You are actually better adapt to reality than other cancers. Daydreams you constantly linked to childhood and lead your feelings and choices. Your main human virtues stem from the fact that they never forget their roots or experiences that you have gained in life.

Fair in its activities and social relations, and such you are in love. Mounted to faithfulness, both in friendship and in love, you are sturdy buddy who you can count on. Trouble you often encouraged, or are at risk of closing in yourself and in your communication can lead to serious problems – especially when it comes to emotional needs …