Cancer-wife Lady and all her cakes!

Map name: Cancer (Cancer)
Map Description: The Lady and all her cakes
Features: While walking, loves, breathe and eat, this lady wears changeable mood, so do not be surprised if it is payable when it is raining and smiling on a sunny day. And even then it does not mean that they will behave like that.

She’s shy about things that concern only of her. He likes money, but even more it saves. Usually goes to extraordinary expense when her ego was hurt. This is not one of those moments when indirect Rakovski are angry and do not want to say why, but the addition to the city to buy shoes.

I do not like to be rejected, does not tolerate criticism even ridicule. They are often insecure, no matter how beautiful, smart and young people, so they need again to give compliments. Not that you will not believe, but well, it’s nice to hear a few more times that smart. She must know that she is loved and that he desired nothing else than stew in French fashion. And perhaps remain unsettled and living room, it can be. He likes to keep things and everything of value.

Usually there are two modes for a fight, when he wants to elicit pity and when he’s really pissed. In both cases, salary, because it is Moon girl, a moon manages fluids, and tears. These women most of all love their children, trying to make them mesh and finely bred.

Unwavering as it is, this woman never aggressive does not enter into conflict, but when he entered as an argument to repeat what you did to her five years ago. I also will not hurt, and it will cry like it just happened.