Capricorn / Aquarius characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

The genius of Aquarius and Gemini are some elasticity your balance in this combination. But such a combination is always on the verge of collapse: both Air signs are constantly looking for the opportunity to spread at the expense of the other.

A Malagasy proverb says: “wildcat vain to be a prankster, time will not gain public appreciation.” This may be a condition of Gemini – Aquarius, the third party, the original being, zanetog communication. His usual good humor makes it a prominent social and from it emanates a feeling of diversity that its environment is often because of Inception and altered, as it suffered the impact of an unwavering conviction, available in natural and unconscious of the sympathetic and enthusiastic personality that is primordial counsel and personal freedom that knows no limits other than those which set itself …

– You seem pretty confident, especially when you become mature exude an atmosphere: “If you like, just a nice – if you do not like me no problem.” However, you actually do not think. Just enjoy to be different, even take pride in their individuality. Sometimes you eccentric who does not care what other people think – you’re going to own goals in their own way. You can be rebellious – but always with the “cause”. It is about your “reason”.

You have enough magnetism to attract other people, and they will often accept even the kind of behavior of what other people would not be tolerated. You are very advanced in their thinking. Around you always hovering a touch unusual and unique.

Thanks to this connection to your character, you will have interest in everything. This is really the Ascendant which forces you to create your own rules and be original. You have a great need for orientation and the environment in which it will be expressed, for loved ones with whom you will be identified in order to strengthen his personality. We are aware that you may get to know the others are watching, and conclude without bitterness is reconciled with life.

Engross its freedom and independence are nothing less engaged not in a group which tie their fate. You are anti – conformist, which is open to the world. Never get lost in the crowd. In fact, the bigger the audience the better after you. Other village as a major “companion”, although you sometimes absent-minded (in fact, crushed a lot of things) and often change the friends. Perpetual student, you love freedom, new things, believe in a happy tomorrow … One thing is certain – you will never become šablonista.

Two air sign affect your personality passionate intelligence and a distinctive spirit of curiosity. But there are risks; Two dangers threaten you: reactive volatility and excessive utopia. In your head of the key ideas and plans that are not always achieved – endowed you can imagine, inventions and download, but something into action. Therefore, avoid to play their wishes for the creation, originality and at the same time you do not seek them ever konkretizujute. You have an inventive spirit to the extreme, but you need to Prizemi to overcome and to be disciplined …