CAPRICORN Fixed-stars in the zodiac sign

The Capricorn is the star recently walked Spiculum at 0 degree nature of Mars – the Moon, and highlights problems with the eyes and often causes blindness, as well as political affinities. Franjo Tudjman had here Moon square Saturn. Vision problems and emphatically says facies at 8 degrees, nebula, also, the nature of Month – Mars, with a pronounced aggressive influence. Facies can accents very great leaders and dictators, and Jupiter is there a Hitler, on the other hand, do not always have to be bad, and the emphasis is on humor. And here is Charlie Chaplin had Jupiter, but it is a perfect parody made on the subject of a great leader and dictator. Likewise, it can not be vision problems, but to go to the other extreme and highlight the incredible powers of observation and sharp vision. Be sure to handle the rest of the sign, rolled. ASCE at 13 degrees, emphasizes the big jobs and help coming from influential friends, WEGA, a 15-degree nature of Venus – Mercury, is the embodiment of success and underlines the great strength and concentration of thought, scientists with an emphasis on mathematicians, and in politics knows that bring large success.