CAPRICORN-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

CAPRICORN ON – On the list of the most devoted among men at the top, there is a Capricorn who is simply born to be faithful. Bira partner for relationship or marriage, despised infidelity, or the length of time it suffers its fraud, if he is in love. The passion in him, however, can incite a woman completely opposite emotional ideal of keeping to himself as a sacred trust: understanding of free, happy, loud, and passionate enough to unbalancing the old Capricorn and released by its complex. Younger men born under this sign, which are generally shy but curious, will usually older partner, tactical, skillful and patient, to be able to cause a storm of emotions and outburst of passion.

CAPRICORN ONA – Although considered one of the most loyal character, does not mean that a woman Capricorn, the impression of a man who, according to her deserves admiration, not give in to his persistence. Sometimes not decisive no resistance, as far as its assessment that much on, so she can afford to be amazed and intellectually stimulated, because everything comes from the head: Godič her to listen to a man who tells her that she is exceptional in every way, not only in visual terms. Since Capricorn woman convinced that everyone why there’s a reason, and she already holds a permanent guard of men, their deception will not experience such classic infidelity. If her partner cheats on you, does not forgive, but do not light up.