Capricorn, happy birthday to you! Work, order and discipline, the motto is …. Capricorn (astrology)

Strong-willed and calm, Capricorn is one of the most stable signs of the zodiac. Key characteristics are persistence, endurance and perseverance. He is a reliable worker in any field. Emotions are not something to be this character could boast. The fundamental and profound thinkers, and generally reach high positions in business positions, what they eat and purpose in life.

Work, order and discipline, the motto is Capricorn. This sign is also characterized by a great ambition, they never in their environment will not tolerate slackers. According to the unknown people are very skeptical, hence the ‘icy’ ‘attitude.
These diligent workers will be difficult to show personal affection for the people, but when they pass a series of personality tests, provided that they pass the positive, Capricorn will spend with them all my life. Limits of giving and taking are clearly defined and there is no deviation, and the rules are the same for all.

Capricorn does not allow others to interfere in his life, but very respected people’s privacy. In problem solving using diplomatic methods. Not thugs and bullies, but quite know how to exude authority, and then some!

A couple of good friends for life, the goat is quite sufficient. Their modesty is represented in all fields. And if they succeed in their ambitions to gain a lot of material wealth, they never flaunt and expose.

Their profession could certainly be economics or mathematics. Prominent professors and lecturers. If you work in the companies, if they are not favorites because colleagues are not subject closeness and intimacy, they are very loyal to the leadership and strive only company goals.

Capricorn is a symbol of bones, knees and teeth, it is often that members of this sign have health problems just to mentioned areas.

On the emotional side, Leo is not a sign that he is unable to love enough, but the problem is that there is no talent to express their emotions in the right way. It appropriate partners who expressed their intuition and are patient enough to understand the purpose of this is not so simple sign.