CAPRICORN Horoscope-marriage and marriage … Meet the features of your partner …. (ASTRO)

This sign is not exactly ideal for a woman. By its nature, Saturn, ruler of this sign, take away femininity. In principle, the woman Capricorn is like a tomboy phenomenon takes her temperament male qualities: ability, loyalty, systematic.
Housekeeping is fun for her: she was a cook, and home economist, a housewife and is very ambitious in terms of the success of her husband and children. However, despite all this, a man who is married, will be very happy with it.
What women born under this sign is lacking femininity, gentleness and physical appearance of Libra or Pisces. Also, they lack emotional nobility of women born in Aries or Leo. Even absent no heart conviviality woman Sagittarius. Instead of that, the Capricorn woman is distinguished scrupulosity, integrity and slavery to his duties. And we should not forget that many men prefer the warmth but also the most perfect cold perfection.
In many ways, these can be unjust to the woman Capricorn. Because in spite of all she is a woman of deep respect for his loyalty, faithfulness and steadfastness that she never loses.
The woman Capricorn is the ideal wife for a man who is essentially a practitioner, who does not seek emotional or spiritual friend, but who wants his family life to be calm and without much excitement.

Although this type of man is perfectly suited to family life, it is in no way contributes to its spiritual fulfillment. This type of man agrees to marry, but his personal reasons for this is usually selfish.
As husbands, they are very good because they are ambitious and often very successful in their jobs so they can earn a lot of material and ensure their family. They do not give too much freedom of action to their wives. Even if the house has a lot of money, they are for every penny they have to ask. He is a dictator just as it is conservative when it comes to spending his money, can quickly fall into the fire. The woman, in a household where he was general, only a lieutenant. As a general, he is precise, tyrant, destructive and unreasonable, violates all rights when they are not in accordance with his wishes. All must undergo rigid and strict discipline.
Not exactly an ideal partner emotional for his wife, because he has neither the ability nor the desire to himself with some parts, and make the atmosphere of pleasure and enjoyment. His passions are strong but also fast. Of course, all these bad qualities can be mitigated by a wise, gentle and patient woman.