Capricorn is the archetype of discipline, work, solitude, caution, authority, wisdom and integrity ……

Mythology: To Rhea saved Zeus from his father Kronos, hid it in the mountains where it is fed nymph goat milk and honey. When later Zeus became the God of the universe by a goat nymph to heaven in gratitude.

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Earth

Planeta ruler: Saturn

Harmonious expression: disciplined, practical, mature, ambitious, serious, responsible

Inharmonious expression: pessimistic, calculating, reserved, strict, cynical, worried

Archetype: Capricorn archetype is discipline, work, solitude, caution, authority, wisdom and integrity. The planets in Capricorn are ambitious and seek the creation of structures and rules in relations among people, may seem strict, absent and unemotional.

Box with the sign of Capricorn and Saturn position is where the weight of responsibility and control, where people rely on their own strength and wisdom acquired, there is required and work experience. Capricorn is a symbol of the skin, bones, skeleton, teeth, knees.

Shadow Capricorn pessimism and tightening excessive seriousness and respect for the rules. It should be the opposite sign of Cancer teaches imagination, compassion, loyalty, honesty and open display of emotion.