CAPRICORN-love affair, astrological indicators (astrology)

Related man in Capricorn – it has the charm of a strong and peaceful type of man. The man born under the sign of Capricorn is always so calm and composed, to be a woman as a challenge to raise emotionally. He always control their emotions. If he had a book, it could reliably estimated by its cover. His impeccable appearance and behavior just as his life itself – a nice and tidy. This man seriously their relationship, but due to its inhibiting influence of the ruling planet of Saturn, may not express their emotions openly. His behavior is not impetuous and spontaneous. On your prospective partner offers loyalty and constancy. He will find happiness with a woman who is honest and true partner in all aspects of his life and a friend and lover.

Related wife in Capricorn – the message that it sends a loud and clear is: “Look but do not touch.” A woman born under the sign of Capricorn has a cool head on his shoulders, you can not cheat flowers or flattery. She knows exactly what she wants from the relationship. She will wait patiently to appear real man. When she felt safe in a relationship, then lowered his defense. It can really surprise you with its cool and the calm behavior in public, in contrast to the passionate behavior in private life. It is practical and will have no problems to persuade partners in his point of view. She wants a peaceful and predictable romance, without a scene in public.