Capricorn-Love horoscope after decades

The first decade (22.12. – 31.12)
People born in this decade tend to be very selfish in love. You do not like public expression of their feelings. Love for them occurs later than usual, for girls this is the first sign she epitome of camaraderie.

Loyalty and personal commitment to another person makes their marriage stable and then very happy to present all the victims. People born in April or August, they can be good friends or spouses.

The second decade (01.01. – 11.01)
Unrealistic jealousy, desire to impose its will interfere with a person of this period, which already show reservations or maybe earlier insight that find their life partner. Late marriage will be successful for both.

Their emotional world is very developed and therefore they take on a more emotional fidelity than one affair. The people you will achieve wonderful harmony in love and marriage were born in mid-April, September or December.

The third decade (01.12. – 20.01)
Instinctive restraint and a desire to be constantly kept in the background leads to the fact that the partners can not understand the seriousness of their feelings. Delaying marriage for fear that it will not come to the right person.

This can lead them to the other extreme where they may be able to help a person born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius. Then become attached to the selected person and loyal to the family and family life.