CAPRICORN – money to buy nice things on sale (ASTRO)

Capricorn is a caring and valuable when it comes to money. Disciplined, enjoys of earning wealth through hard work and wants to be recognized. If you can earn while still better. Wisely keeps the money that gives him a sense of power, success, keeping it in play. It’s worth a person wants because it can earn even more. Taurus earned gradually, safely and methodically, and will not give up until his bank account is full, but not to engage in the business of acquiring quick money. He does not want cheap stuff, but no one overly luxurious. Capricorn usually knows all about the discounts in the city in which he lives, and their expenditure, income and account balance knows by heart. He hates to lend to others and from others, but likes to control the family coffers, leading to a revolt of other household members. Moto – work to riches.