Capricorn-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: You are not mistaken when it estimates a job offer. At this time, due to the retro Mercury, in the second half of the month, we should not be engaging in any new project for the reason that you always follow bad luck. A person born under the sign of Pisces thinking of you for a long time and wants to offer a common saradnju.Verovatno will accept but as every Capricorn will set its own conditions. Solar eclipse will seek to understand who your real friend and who is a good assistant in your work. Money is the little by little but surely. Cooperation from the 20th of the month with the shooters, Virgo, Taurus or eccentric Aquarius.

LOVE: You can work on pertnera very seductive and fatal. Trying to calm down and find the person who will be really true love. It is hard to understand with crab and advice is to not communicate with them. Virgo will be favorites this month. This is a karmic relationship is full of challenges, but sometimes powerful and painful emotions. For you to determine the flow and connections. Capricorn married goes through various tests of loyalty spouse.

HEALTH: You often under inflammation of the urogenital tract, bacteria, fungi seemed to have found his house ,, “. You need to change the diet, more exercise or swimming in salt water, breathe the air over the sea, which is full of iodine and clean. But the emphasis is mostly on holidays and sometimes ,, truancy “.