Capricorn-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


By mid-August the situation will generally be quiet. All aspects that can be formed by then will have a particular effect on you. Saturn, the ruler of your sign, which was before the turn of the direct stroke, keep all events under control without much ripple. Only after 13 August, when the said planet turned, there is some progress, albeit slow and inadequate for your needs. Venus, as ruler of career fields, unable to overcome Saturn’s performance, even though he says the good aspects, it provides little opportunity for advancement in the future. Neither Mars entry into the sign of Sagittarius, and his approaching Saturn in the majority of the members of the sign will encourage some important changes, but will in a small number, especially for those in the natal chart have highlighted aspects of Mars and Saturn indicate problems that will almost over night to spoil the earlier plans and has already established activities.


Whenever Lava accented character, as is now the case, you can expect great emotional changes, regardless of whether or not you desire them. With the release of Mercury and then Venus, and their transition to the sign of Virgo, there will be a calming troubled feelings and things will slowly return to normal. If you are married or in a long-term relationship, making sure that despite the many challenges keep stability. Do not let your emotional life significantly affect external circumstances and disturbing planetary influences. Members of the characters who are in relationships that last longer “survive” this period without any major hitches, as they tend to adventures have to count on all sorts of problems. It would be desirable to love after hurricanes draw some lessons in the future careful how they behave and what to whom promise in moments of weakness.


The tendency of chronic diseases is highly expressed at the moment, but every, even the smallest decline in immunity may be a trigger for the onset of disease. Therefore, timely take all necessary preventive measures.