Capricorn-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: This is the period where Capricorns are included in the transition period. Retro Mercury will upset you, given uncertainties in communicating with co-workers, business partners. Of course we need to show stability and run in the best way. By joining Venus in Taurus, you will have more chances to cooperate with people ,, an open mind, “where you have to take advantage of this cooperation. Mars in Scorpio enters 9th December, will give you the strength, willpower, greater confidence to embark in new projects or creating a plan for the new year. Your money was difficult during the first half of the month, and you will have a windfall, just when you least expect it. Cooperation with Scorpio can bring big plans and projects but also increased the budget. Individuals sign of Aquarius or Pisces can provide a job or collaboration as creative work within psychology, alternative knowledge, parapsychology.

LOVE: Do you uću in connection or not it only depends on you. You’re hard to conquer and even harder to keep. Sagittarius you someone with whom you can be very happy or at least satisfied. With Taurus you have a passion that will last for a short while you will have with the Virgin exchanging thoughts and words, but what is difficult for both of you and the emotions. If you are married or related’ll understand each other.

HEALTH: You’ll have to pay attention to excess fat in the body, especially the liver, which is sensitive. Problem digestion, bloating of the stomach can be solved by small evening meals. Basically, health is quite stable.