Capricorn-monthly horoscope for December 2021.

In the first half of the month of Capricorn will appear emotional conditions, but often you will not be sure whether this is the “real thing” and you will be quite tight and unwilling to accept them. This let your flirting like it will go well up to a point, to be followed by or dissipated or become a friendly contact. It is possible that you or someone some time fantasizing or long for one person, and there are not going absolutely nothing concrete. In any case, all that in the first half is unclear, uncertain or “in the vicinity of the hand – but nothing” – in the second half of December will turn into more really strong, tangible opportunities. You are very much pronounced predisposition to enter the emotional and relationship to the person for whom you will instantly know that the relationship with her is not something transient and short-lived. Simply, you will find yourself. At the right time, in the right place. In your emotional relationships in December can be a very good month. You and your loved one will grow to operate mainly in a slow pace, with no major problems. What’s more, if only a little extra effort, you can largely improve his emotional story. The last decade of the month may initiate some serious thinking in your head. Some of you will be willing to opt for the start of cohabitation, marriage or “work” on the new addition with a loved one.


On the one hand – Venus in the field of work and money brings you seriously good opportunities for advancement, and Mercury in your sign gives you the ability to logic and the ability to practically apply the knowledge and experience that you have. However, when we look at the other side – the same Mercury will be retrograde, but will occasionally “trot” in terms of the performance of certain obligations, have problems with the arrangements and hard to find a common language with business partners. Also, the sun is in your subconscious field until the end of the second decade of the month and will only shift your sign given that the true strength and support. Obviously, this is a variable one business month, when you invest a lot of effort, but the results, at least in the first half, and you will not be satisfied. However, you’ll pull a couple of decent moves that will show that there are “not to waste” and that certainly can be given in the business segment. Compared with superiors try to be correct, even if they demand too much of you. Financial segment will be largely satisfied.


You do not have bad health situation, but you’ll still until the beginning of the third decade of work in an energy-reduced pace. For younger members sign no major problems, while older should still more to address their immunity, but also the spine, joints, teeth.