Capricorn-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


So close but so far. This sentence would be the best way to describe your emotional relationships during March. Very often the first decade of the month to come to a confrontation with a partner, mainly because of some irrelevant topic, but will often be in your quarrels noticeable impact other people. As you do some other person “full head” or you turn create tension, but the two of you successfully transfer the tension in your communication. Passions will be in the second decade deep, and it will seem like everything is working properly. However, the last decade of March brings problems, especially in the days of about 23 lunar eclipses, sharps March. Beloved person will then be in a special mood, easily vulnerable to the things you say or do will react very intense. But in this period were the stars still on your side, but it does not seem that there could be a greater rift between the two of you. The second half of the month, while the ruler of your sign, Saturn is about to go retrograde stroke Recap everything that has recently been going on between you and your partner, get to know your mistakes and what you see is what you could do to continue. Free strangers will several times during the month have the opportunity to get into something that resembles an adventure and solid relationship. Let the stronger events that you could take in the direction of the story will be more relevant in the last decade of the month and to the person from your environment or with someone you meet through kinship relations.


And you will first decade of the month will bring problems in communication and agreements with collaborators in this period, pay special attention to business. Prepare all necessary documentation, and do what is up to you, but expect it to come to delays, misunderstandings, able to have your computer or laptop breaks down in the middle of a business meeting or out data that you need to present simply disappeared. You can not be late. After the solar eclipse exactly in that period in the field of communication, this is another form of warning for you. The sign Aries is very mysterious, but it carries the possibility of confusion and deception, as in the new cooperation will enter very carefully. In the second part of the month, especially from the 20 th of March it is possible that you will be more involved on some private business activities, and some strangers will run during this period and entrepreneurial activities. Finance will be quite variable.


Options for violations are highlighted in the first decade of the month, and will be particularly vulnerable feet. The field of movement is generally under pressure in this period, so you are advised caution and vigilance. The older population will have highlighted problems with the spine and hips, and you are advised to do the blood test.