Capricorn-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: A little more would you have time to relax, negotiate, create some minor changes to the system operation. Libra is your career field and you will be in much work before the tenth of October. The second half of the month is important because it will enter into a new project and it is something that will be important for your future. Cooperation with a large group of people will be something that you need at the moment. You will develop own system of cooperation and governance, which many will accept.

LOVE: Emotionally you stopped because you are focused on the job, but it will change the entry of a new person in your life. You need someone like you, full of ambition, inspiration for a better tomorrow and always in the mood for fun. Capricorn married likes to suffer, but to a certain extent. You will not tolerate silence, apathy or scowl.

HEALTH: Good feel if you change something in your life, otherwise you are prone to apathy, patetisanju and unfortunately growing. The proposal that you activate through sport or short trips.