Capricorn-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


You yourself are aware of how hard the last period of your emotional relationships. That some concerns seriously shaken, it is you and your partner clearly … .However, you are entering into a period when you will be able to correct a lot of things I think it’s a good time to seriously focus on a relationship where you are. Mars in transit through your sign will give you enough energy and commitment to the preservation of relationships I will bring a greater need to stabilize their emotional relationships. Not only that – I will partner in a different way to be able to look at some of my mistakes because I did not wonder what the atmosphere in your emotional relations completely changed. It’s up to you guys, but there are indeed serious chance to be “misplaced” I repressed emotions resurface between the two. Even if I passion, which in this period will be longer than usual, I will be an additional driving force in the right way “spice up” everything that is happening. Take advantage of this auspicious month! Venus, which rules your field of love, transiting through Scorpio and your friend’s house, Internet, social activities. Many lone members of this sign will be more in the mood for going out and having fun and it is no wonder then that in this environment, with good energy that you now follows, indeed manage to find their “soul mate”. Some contacts that can be launched in the first part of October, in the second half of the month can certainly result in entering into a stable and lasting relationship!


New moon at the beginning of October, as well as the transit of the great benefic Jupiter and the sun through your career field, I will bring the goat that during this period can expect progress and prosperity. These good conditions, through your personality transiting Mars field, giving you great ambition and penetration in the business segment. You are I do now was someone who was willing to responsibly and patiently moving forward, step by step, and this will now be further increased, so it is no wonder that the middle of the month could expect changes in position better or at least a good financial incentive for their effort and work. In the first part of the month highlighted the opportunities to realize new business cooperation, and this period gives a boost to the unemployed and the goat. Support from friends, or services from any person will help you to reach adequate, the right offer. Strong contacts with foreigners, especially from the second part of October.


Mars in transit through your sign brings you a lot of energy, but given your nature – you will certainly be spending time to time I may even come to exhaustion, especially during the second decade of the month. During this period, you try to get more rest and take time for herself.