Capricorn-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


In emotional relationships and marriages during the September communication will be a key issue. From the beginning of the month things between you and your partner do not go so well, but it is obvious that you two often come in conflict over the smallest issues. In particular, the period until the end of the first half of the month is complicated and will take a lot of effort and with your side I loved to get through this time. Jarc some other people can not interfere in the relationship, but it is certain that I will occasionally occur suspicion and jealousy among you and I in a partner. However, some of you will resist some secret flirting or short-lived adventure … .but it would be good to work around this, because it is more than likely that you loved one “smell”, which in the arrangement brings big problems. At the end of the month you will find the necessary strength to finally put an end to some conflict and to restore stability in their emotional relationships. As free members sign concerned, Venus, which rules your love tranzitiraće field through the career field, it is evident that you have the most emotional opportunities on the job. Some may start an affair at work, you will want to hide from prying eyes. They are open to you and opportunities through friends or social networks. Maybe some of these stories will have no lasting value, but it will certainly provide enjoyment …


Solar eclipse in your field plans expansion abroad. Lunar eclipse in the field of communication, negotiation, shorter trips. For all of this – the ruler of your business and the circumstances of everyday life Merkur, go to the end of the second decade of retrograde stroke. When all is summed up – prepare your nerves and patience during most of September. There may be major problems with foreign partners, but definitely need to pay attention to communication, essential paperwork I agree, because everything tends to slow you down or give you at the last minute gets out of hand. What is most important is to show great flexibility and willingness to compromise. Jupiter is the replacement in your career field, but you have to be wise to properly use his influence. Things will slowly start to come into place in the second half of the month, and then you have more than a good chance to start everything was at a standstill. Finance in September is very variable, especially be careful middle of the month, when it is time to invest because you can stay at a loss.


As the ruler of your field of health Meruru, retrograde during most of the month, pay attention to chronic ailments. It is time to focus on your health a bit more. The first and second decade require caution in physical activity, but higher paying attention to traffic.