Capricorn-monthly horoscopes for July 2020

JOB: Mars in Aquarius and other natural home of money, talent, – this will give the sign of the wind in the back to deal seriously with him and his new plan for the future of the business. Although Mercury goes retro than a half months, the goat bar at this time will not be a major threat because it will only encourage the idea which took a long time to be realized. You should not enter into a business relationship with a Scorpio or Taurus, at least not now, because they would rather their attitudes that you are blocking. Perhaps a suggestion of air or fire sign. It would not be a bad start to the trip abroad, to get more ideas and inspiration for further work and creativity. Your ambition has always been a friend, but this time you will give our best to achieve success.

LOVE: With Mars in Aquarius have a partner from whom you can get one type of material support. It enhances your value system, but you somehow allows you to earn more and their ideas favored rational and useful. Being and effusion real emotions because Capricorn is sensitive in this period as any earth sign, which requires water to feed him. You will have a love affair with a Gemini or Pisces. A person from the sign of the Virgin long thought of you, and therefore expect to get a call from her. Capricorns who are married or related feel boredom that kills them. Help each other by talking openly about desires and flaws in the marriage.

HEALTH: Nervousness makes you lazy. Go to the sea or the mountain that you can recover.