Capricorn-Otkačeni horoskop- consider how many of these depictions is actually some truth!

A real slave driver, believes in fate to the letter, the word “sorry” does not exist in his vocabulary. You can live next to the goat whole life, to be married to a member of this sign, and you’ll never know what you have to say.

I do not know how to express their feelings with words, so you instead of “I love you”, often waiting “let go without a trace.” You’d sell my soul for social status. Capricorn is a coward who flees headlong as the risk is higher – running away and leaving in the lurch is something that works and work life.

If you manage to catch the goat to his revenge, do not expect to see the suffering of satisfaction on his face as he tread – because here’s the other key things about them: they are emotionally illiterate creatures. Capricorn is unable to show his emotions, let alone to receive them or stretched. When the bottom line, it is too slow, dark and poor people in order to feel her true joy and pleasure of life. Stay away from inferiority complexes and frigid cowards, because you will at some point you realize that dominates someone who is not worth anything and can give you ..

But there is an exception if you find a goat whose embrace of warm and strong, whose tears of sadness and joy regular occurrence on her face, grab it and do not let go, because you will find pure gold.