CAPRICORN PARENT-What you are as a parent and how to behave towards their children?

JARC is the will of the dominant sentiment and emotion. Hard are constructive, conscious of themselves. As parents are conservative and teach their children traditional values ​​such as honesty, truthfulness, kindness and respect adults. A typical representative of this sign for their children will make genealogy and bedtime they talk about their families honorable past. Father Capricorn will not spoil their children. The most important thing is to provide them with the means to live, and in cruel race for money, it can happen to ignore the emotional needs of the child. They are very inept at expressing emotions (which does not mean they are not emotional), and kisses, hugs and praise usually replaced with gifts. Kids Tropic grow into a responsible and balanced personality. Goats are much more interesting and a lot more lenient, as grandparents, but as parents.