CAPRICORN: persistence to izječenja -Health status zodiac signs

To say that Capricorn is like wine – the older, the better! Similar could be said for his health. Pimping in childhood, with age becomes stronger, tougher and more resilient. Its ruler Saturn cold and pungent body which incurs a number of diseases, but at the same time keeps the experience and “Antivirus”. Capricorn also develop an awareness of self, knows what his injury and what helps a disciplined and follow the instructions of experts. Not prone to improvisation, wary of quack and all improper and unchecked. When the human body manages the bones, joints, knees, nails, teeth, skin and hair. Although fears of dentists, blood analysis, stinging and similar medical procedures, if something will help to heal and the pain persists, stoically to withstand anything. Functions that regulates the ossification, wound healing, blood coagulation, sedimentation. It tends to bone fractures, lumbago, rheumatism, anemia, anorexia, loss of minerals, diseases of the psyche, such as paranoia disorder, phobias and depression. He needs you more confidence and self-awareness, a best-autogenous training, meditation, socializing with clear and patient people.
Exercise: Hiking
The mountains are a veritable empire of Jarčeve looking for solitude. To restore the lost body energy and peace of mind, it is best to get advice on a longer trip to the mountains whenever I can. There will surround them perfectly clean air and much needed silence, while they look from on high to meet the special inspiration. Mountain hikes will simultaneously improve the change of substances in their body, but after such a healthy holiday back completely regenerated. Capricorns are naturally quite durable but they prefer long walks, even a marathon.