Capricorn-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

Capricorn is quite contradictory character. Is pessimistic, depressed and careful, but always rushes to success, working hard to achieve something i had. Never surrender, and even the older the better. A bunch of experience, their own and others, learning from mistakes doškoluje and improved, but it is right to say that they are mature, the best for him. Arouses interest because of his cold demeanor, walk head held high, not caring much for what was going on around him. But that does not mean you do not notice. Before the observer rather than an active participant, and this helps him to get to know the environment and decide how it will be set.

It is very calculating, feelings perfectly controlled and regularly and not excited over trifles. There are not many friends, and the few that can be called, knows very long. Do not take someone else’s nothing but reluctantly gives her. Some would call it a cheapskate, but he is a frugal and rational. When buying, buying a bit, but good – only quality and durable items. Lusts for power, wants to have some influence and gain valuable assets. Ceni people who have achieved something in life, a really lazy it especially irritating. People who have some authority attracted him like a magnet, a period while I’m not acquired, they will be happy to myths. In childhood he admired the older brothers and sisters, stronger peers, parents, teachers, and when he grows up is mandatory with the one that means something in terms of social or his environment.