Capricorn-What are the zodiac signs in love, and whether they like them ?! (ASTRO)

MAN: They guarantee success. Despite all the obstacles and problems they always manage to finish everything they’re up to. Money is important to them because of the freedom that it brings them. They are very responsible, smart and social. Looking for a woman who is much more relaxed and spontaneous one. has difficulty expressing emotions. The sex is somewhat reticent and wants to satisfy his partner.

WOMAN: She primarily seeking security, stability pleases the material and make every effort to acquire some wealth. He does not want to depend on the help of a man, he loves his own stability and opportunity to make decisions. When you find a man who will be able to understand it and support will remain faithful to him all his life. She does not like men who are prone to flirting and checked. Not easily engages in sexual relations, looking for a man who will primarily be mentally understand and encourage.