CAREER AND MONEY-Aquarius general characteristics (ASTRO)

Aquarians bring great enthusiasm to work and have a remarkable ability to use imagination for business purposes. Careers that enables the development of concept and demonstration suits this sign. “I know,” are the key words for Aquarius. High intellect combined with the willingness of the representatives of this sign to share their talents, inspire many who work in their environment. Aquarius likes to be involved in activities that aim to make mankind better.

When it comes to money, this character actually has the talent to maintain a balance between revenue and expenditure, as well as to save money. The purchase will first notice extravagant things with sequins, although they trained with a lot of style and taste. Most people born in Aquarius have built a style and not afraid to show it.

Most jobs suit them acting, writing, teaching, photography or pilots. As an unconventional type, if given the opportunity to express their talent, Aquarius can achieve great success.