Chakras – a state of mind-the desire to possess and ego!

To understand the impact of these planets (Saturn and Ketu conjunction in Capricorn) in their lives, we must look at the chakras and state of consciousness caused by them.

In the first chakra Muladhara person is immersed in the collective unconscious. She identifies with a particular nation. A feeling of belonging to a certain group and has no individuality. Simply put, the rest follows. Also, the dominant sentiments that influence to livelihood. Food, sleep, reproduction and other instincts that sustain life are represented by this chakra.

The negative impact of this chakra is fear. If the refuse a connection with a particular group or is a, for example. take away food, there is fear. It is threatened by the existence and activates a natural defense mechanism.

The second chakra Svadhisthana is extremely important for human development. The energy of this chakra makes us want to move and explore the world. She is in charge of our aesthetic taste. It is determined what is it that attracts us. Through swadhisthana begin to realize himself as a conscious being, but it at the same time, almost imperceptibly begins to develop ego.

When we like something, we’d like to keep it for themselves and it makes us happy. Much like a child who is pleased when his parents buy a toy he wants. Of course, the adult has totally different desires of the child. An adult is much more difficult to meet because his appetite for owning much larger. Svadhisthana chakra through which we want to have something. In itself the power to create.

The desire to possess the ego is fully formed in the third chakra Manipur. This is the chakra of personal power. People who have a very strong personality, whose charisma and inner strength impossible to resist, have strong this energy center. However, here is a big trap, and it is the core of the formation of negative karma.

The imbalance will result in the abuse of power for their own ends. Above person will look into the shadow of his own impulses, urges, instincts and desire to satisfy exclusively personal needs. “The means justify the goal” to become the leading ideas of these people. They will not hesitate to use anyone or anything to achieve what they want. I can not to understand that they are caught up in a complicated game and what they have actually owns them.

All who want power from politicians to people superiors at work, have unbalanced Manipur.

How could this be linked to the influence of Saturn and Ketu this year?