Check out what awaits you: Your destiny lies in the date of birth! A Guide to understanding one’s behavior

Date of birth is a very important guide for understanding the behavior of one’s life on all fronts.

Born in 1 month: They are independent and their greatest desire is freedom. They are very creative, but do not like the boring jobs. Not for teamwork, because it’s so frustrating. They have a very strong ego, but tend to be dangerous.

2. Born in month: Soft persons whose friendship is important because it gives them a sense of security. Easy to adjust, but the problem arises when friends do not have time for them. Then they feel rejected and to lead them into depression.

Born on the 3rd of the month: the direct, but it can hurt others, but life with them is never boring. They are very charming, but they also present instability and inflexibility.

Born in the 4th month: They have great strength of will that others can often be mistaken for stubbornness. Although do not consider themselves an uncompromising person, their attitudes and the way they communicate with the general public on the contrary. They adhere to its decisions.

Born 5th of the month: They are good speakers and they know that motivate people. This is probably their strongest and most valuable qualities, for which they are born traders.

Born in 6th month: They are leaders. They are responsible, and their obligation to accept all the burden and are always ready to help. They are ready to submit more weight than they should. Therefore, often become the authority and control of the situation.

Born 7th of the month: They like it when they are alone and away from the shouting and the noise of modern life. It is better to match to an earlier time when they started life was much slower. They need silence to be alone with your thoughts and dreams. They do not like crowds, distraction and confusion.

Born 8th of the month: are aimed at experiencing the pleasures offered by the material world. They are powerful, self-confident and wealthy people. Most of their concern involves money and overcoming the power that comes when it’s properly managed.

Born 9th of the month: People born on this day have a dominant personality. Very easy to gain friends because people are attracted to their openness. Optimistic are close and friendly.

Born the 10th of the month: the loyal and good friends, but their problem creates jealousy. If someone close to them fail, they feel threatened. They have a pronounced ego, but we can meet them in the government or in independent activities, where their ability to come to the fore.

Born on the 11th of the month: It’s easy to throw off balance and they need plenty of time to return to balance. It’s hard to give up the objective because the rebels. Partnerships im not stable emotional life is full of ups and downs and often go with them some secrets.

Born the 12th of the month: Have confidence, making them independent, but brings arrogance. Searching for the truth, with specific life stance. Allow others to use them, but life is often a mess.

Born the 13th of each month: On them you can rely on completely. Good organization gives them the opportunity to complete all of the time. Sometimes exaggerating the transaction and impose itself great responsibilities.

Born the 14th of the month: They are very successful in their jobs. Others consider them to idols. I can be happy or very unhappy. Turbulence large through life. They have to have offspring, so to regenerate. They find them “crazy people” as they like to annoy others, but can be excellent doctors, dentists.

Born the 15th of the month: Entertainers. Their positive attitude makes them happy person. You always have the support of strong people. Sometimes I can go too far in hedonism. They have to be careful with money. They often have two marriages.

Born on the 16th of the month: They have a strong need to be loved and are often victims of unfortunate love. Material good standing. Egoists are thinking of money. They usually have one child. Much is expected of them. Have heart problems.

Born the 17th of the month: Have a problem with documents, papers. They are always in the field blocked. They are very smart and highly educated. That’s their ticket to the world. Traveling and living in distant countries give them wings. Can you have two strong bonds of marriage or two.

Born the 18th of the month: Here’s an interesting number and a lot of contradictions. It is believed that this is the number of the devil. Mathematical operations – multiplication of 3 x 6 = 18 and 666 Jewish letter w = 6, and now three times the same, what do you get? Yes, just what we all love, we use – www – Internet. It is easier to interpret when it is actually a leader, or a pun devil – the leader. Our global leader of the Internet, but also the biggest obsession. People born on this date are successful businessmen, actors, artists. How old so their fate is changing and becoming stronger and stronger. I often go to surgery, or have a very strong health due to the psyche.

Born the 19th of the month: Fighting for others and are willing to sacrifice. But their sacrifice might be useless, because they know to do something that they think others need. They like to dramatize things a bit, so they often annoying others. This is a sacred number (Epiphany, St. Nicholas, the Transfiguration), so if you do not serve well, receive various punishments.

Born the 20th of the month: Easily change your feelings, and opinions. They may or many not talk or be silent. His balance difficult to establish. They are very polite, kind, and very subtle. Easy to understand others.

Born on 21 of the month: They have good intuition and a sense of finesse, a feud is for them a waste of energy. They have great affection of the opposite sex, what they know, but are easier to engage in relationships. O head them breaking into narcissism, egotism and skepticism, and grief experienced in life.

Born in month 22: Psychics who are not aware of its spiritual power. Often goes to crime or becoming lazy, negligent. He needs motivation, and that is love. These are people who often change their home.

Born on 23 of the month: Large date, a large number. These are people who have psychic, faith in yourself, know. They are smart and become spiritual leaders. They have a knack for electronics and new age internet. Encounter misunderstanding, and often did not themselves do not understand. Difficult to find true love. They have more marriages. It is usually important life events taking place at this date.

Born on the 24th of the month: Workaholics. They are the best workers, bosses, organizers of the transaction. Good teachers. With the little money they can live quite well. In love are very lonely, but still come up with the right person if you relax.

Born 25th: Great kids. They do not like to grow. They are linked to the mother. Later marry. When you are young like to spend more than the idea of ​​marriage. It is dangerous if you cross 35 years of age and not create a family, because then you are left alone.

Born 26th of the month: They have a special charisma. They have an innate power and the struggle for life. Passing all sorts of things in life, but may be on the other side of the law, or go out without damage. Great materialistic, capable of nothing into something, or much more – depending on the ambition.

Born 27th of the month: Much love themselves. Great Eccentrics. Strong intelligence decorates them all realize second. They have oratorical skills.

Born 28th of the month: They are ambitious, but for this they need encouragement environment. They like to start a business but are not interested in how it will end. Easy to throw off balance and then very angry and upset.

Born 29th of the month: Creative and imaginative people, but you should not do some routine tasks. They can be a little unsure, but they care about the opinions of others, but nevertheless they have leadership qualities. They are often lonely. Earlier marry, as well as their subsequent marriage brings problems.

Born 30th of the month: They are characterized by a sharp tongue and dominant nature. Less fortunate than others, much loneliness, uncertainty and torment. They know that because of the loss of power is not complete started, can be so selfish and stubborn. Partner has a great influence on them, and are often dissatisfied. Learn about life through their own mistakes.

Born on 31 of the month: High talent for directing, explaining, and communication skills give them power. They have good judgment. Very convincing individuals that know how to distort the truth if it is to achieve some goal. Are convenient. May have circulatory problems. Their weakness is calculus and ambition.