Check out what you have in the Celtic Horoscope, and find out what kind of a fate awaits

In each sign there are two subtypes – New Moon, which includes people born in the first two weeks of characters and a full month in the last two weeks

The Celts had their horoscopes with 13 characters to which each character belonging to the respective properties of wood and, according to the week of birth is determined by the subtype symbol.

In each sign there are two subtypes – New Moon, which includes people born in the first two weeks of characters and a full month in the last two weeks.

Breza 24.12. – 20.1.
Celtic symbol: White deer
The ruling planet: the Sun
Color: White

Breza by Celtic tradition associated with innocence and purity, and represents rebirth and renewal because it is the first tree that list after the winter. People born in the first part of the sign are impulsive and very emotional, but also subjective. Their positive qualities are determination and faith in themselves and in their actions. In addition, members of this sign decorated with a large resistance, but rarely give up on their goals. Loyal and reliable in all areas of life, and are known as workaholics. Strong love relationships usually realized only later in life, because it is difficult to find someone who meets their stringent criteria.

Born in the first part of the sign without the extremely self-disciplined, seemingly reserved and practical in life. The drawback is the excessive pessimism, a crisis situation solved by setting high goals and purposes of the invention in any change. Later members of Breze world experience less seriously and enjoy the reverie. Although they may look fragile and delicate, in reality they are indomitable. Easy gain the favor of others and are popular in society, and their potential to take advantage of a good business plan.

Rowan 21.1. – 17.2.
Celtic symbol: Green Dragon
The ruling planets: Uranus
Color: Red

According to the Celtic belief Rowan is a tree that whispers, and its fruits are protected from evil forces. People born in ovomznaku have visionary minds and defined humanitarian and charitable attitudes. Their temperament quickly come to the fore, and sometimes because of their stubbornness entering into unnecessary discussion. This sign is very good at using intuition, and decide in accordance with it. Their nature is not romantic, although are kind and warm, and in love is hard to bind because the very price of his freedom.

Born in the first two weeks are very impatient which often results in frustration. Shy are, and they need more time to relax in the new society. They have problems hearing authority. How to have a strange sense of humor and jokes even in serious situations, many call them circus, but that humor serves as their defense mechanism.

Born in the last two weeks of the rule of this sign are talkative and easy to make friends. They tend promises hills and valleys, and often do not think about how you will make these promises. But this does not reduce their popularity in society, primarily because they know that is a very good defense against threats and have the answer to every question. According to the Celtic belief this is a magical character who is very well defended by spells and return.

Olive 18.2. – 17.3.
Celtic symbol: Horse or more
The ruling planet: Neptun
Color: Green

People born under this sign are fickle nature and it is difficult to perceive their true nature and motives. They have artistic character and temperament, but in fact they are vulnerable and sensitive. Born under the sign of Olives will always be able to reverse his temper, so with them you never know where you are. Members of this sign are born in the first two weeks are more impulsive, and often are afraid of the outside world which is why withdraw into themselves. Extremely price of their freedom, and their friendship and love relationships are not high on the priority list, although they have a lot of friends.

They were born in the last two weeks of this sign are immensely open and generous to others, but often gullible and naive therefore fall into various problems. In addition, they are very stable person. Their opinion is difficult to change and are faithful to their views. Are consistent and have boundless energy they invest in the achievement of its goals.

Javor 18.3. – 14.4.
Celtic symbol: Pentagram
Leading planet: Mars
Color: Purple

Members of this sign are powerful individuals who are always ready to conquer the world. Throughout life takes them courage and face the challenges. Resolute are hard to break, making them ideal ally or life partner. The great adventurers and their spirit is restless. They are passionate and open to new opportunities of love.

People born in the first two weeks of this sign are restless and indecisive, but the courage and honesty saved and executed in the right way. Often they are not aware of the consequences of their decisions, leading them into trouble. They are charming and popular in society.
They were born in the last two weeks of the rule of compelling characters are individuals who possess strong arguments for each of its proceedings. In life is likely due to virtues like perseverance and courage to become very successful in all areas.

Concierge 15.4. – 12.5.
Celtic symbol: Snake
The ruling planet: Month
Color: Blue

Willows are very “heavy” in meeting new people. They are quite reclusive and rarely talk about their problems to others. Their good memory still brings them positive things in life. With memory, persistence, their greatest virtue. They are dedicated to the family and want to establish as soon as his family.

Born in the first two weeks of this sign are prone to sudden mood changes that encourage unreliable behavior such as chronic delays, nervousness and depression. The positive side is that adapt quickly and gladly accepted in any society. Those born in the last two weeks characters tend to ignore well-meaning advice and always act according to their wishes. It helps them to what are very resourceful and well remembered. Often live near water, which is the main characteristic of this tree and the Moon affect their mood and feelings.

Hawthorn 13.5. – 9.6.
Celtic symbol: Pehar
The ruling planet: Vulcan
Color: Pink

People born under this sign are full of innovation, are very talented and they all go out of hand. Easily accept change and adapt quickly. Their priority is to identify the weaknesses of opponents, which is why they are successful in business. However, not corrupt and ruthless, but only know how to pull the smart moves.

Glogovi born in the first two weeks are signs impulsive and sensual. They are organized and all arrive on time. Charismatic and are easy to communicate, so they attract jobs where these qualities come to the fore. How old look better.

They were born in the last two weeks characters have a different approach to things and situations, and others find it difficult to guess what they think or feel. Their perseverance and courage help them to achieve all the objectives. This sign is a sign of fertility, which is why its members have an innate understanding for others and easily adapt to changes.

Oak 10.6. – 7.7.
Celtic symbol: White Horse
The ruling planets: Jupiter
Color: Black

This sign is characterized by great ideas, optimism and honesty regardless of the consequences. The weak point is their lack of discretion. They are generous and good friends, a problem arises when they are calm and collected.

Born in the first two weeks of the sign are prone to financial problems, which often fall but quickly resolved. They like to philosophize and intellectualization others, but they can be very naive and easily pay feelings of people who do not deserve it.

Oak was born in the second two weeks of the sign is less prone to financial problems. It is extremely generous and has an inborn instinct for survival. Often do things that seem impossible to others, and are known for svojimsposobnostima leaders. Strong character and a lot of positive energy inherent in the wood of which carry a sign.

Holly 8.7. – 4.8.
Celtic symbol: Unicorn
The ruling planet: Earth
Color: Gray

People born under the sign of holly are not inclined to risk, and always “play it safe”. They have an important combination of personal qualities that help build their solid character. Logic leads them in every decision-making, and for her to ignore the aspirations of your heart.

Previous members of this sign of good financial business, are extremely emotional, imaginative, optimistic and compassionate. The downside to them is that after disappointments acting paranoid and pessimistic.

Members of the characters who were born in another two weeks of his reign are more committed to their dreams and ambitions. Ensured their role as a leader and founder of some associations. Traditionalists are prices high moral values ​​which themselves are trying to comply.

Hazelnut 5.8. – 1.9.
Celtic symbol: Rainbow salmon
The ruling planets: Mercury
Color: Brown

Smart character that weighed well the main characteristic of people born in the period hazelnuts. Intellectuals are great planners and organizers, so they can hardly be something to miss. Are focused on acquiring knowledge and education they will never get bored. In love are honest and caring.

Born in the first half of this sign impulsively seek knowledge. The problem is that it seems that their curiosity has no end, but sometimes because getting into trouble. Good perceive and judge of human character, and although they have a few friends, choose them carefully.

People born in the last two weeks of this sign are temperamental and not weight as much knowledge. Glossy speakers therefore often become known to the public. Their negative traits are sensitivity, and hyperactivity. They are known for discretion, and their other often confide their secrets and problems. Aimed at protecting their loved ones to which grown strong feelings.

Loza 2.9.-29.9.
Celtic symbol: White Swan
The ruling planet: Venus
Color: Orange

Members of Loze are sensual and deep relationship with the nature. Very emotional, often plan ahead and blindly stick to the given decision. Are self-critical, and the passionate love affairs.
Members of this sign are born in the first two weeks are very emotional and have a lot of energy to achieve life goals. Vulnerability their innate nervousness and restlessness.

They were born in the last two weeks characters are extremely compassionate, making easier to achieve balance in your life. Their flaw is that it is quite difficult to understand and difficult nature, which comes to the fore in stressful situations. Generally, people born under this sign knows how to create stability in life and seize the opportunities offered to them.

Ivy 30.9. – 27.10.
Celtic symbol: Butterfly
The ruling planet: Month
Color: Dark blue

Ivy is talented in many areas, and regularly receives praise and awards from the environment. They are individuals who successfully create their own style, even if it means breaking the social rules.

Born in the first two weeks sign a radical thinkers with innate artistic talent. Mana them neodlučnostkoja hindering their success. Are sensitive, and very cheery.

Later members of this sign adorned with great determination, and therefore are more successful in life. To others are generous, but in a financially astute. Generally, this character very well known to be “pushed” to different places and gain contacts that would later help in achieving business success.

28.10 Cod. – 24.11.
Celtic symbol: White Hunter
The ruling planets: Pluto
Color: Green

Cod members have a strong spirit which saves them from the dramatic situations that often fall. Known for their courage, even if the situation so requires. They have a strong imagination, and they need more self-control.
Born in the first two weeks of the sign are big fans of luxury to which they know to spend a fortune. They are not prone to compromise and are very difficult character. In love are quite possessive and jealous.

Later members of this sign have a competitive spirit and competition with other large their motivation. They do not have financial problems and have a very good power of persuasion. Generally this character has a lot of strong personal to help it easier to go through life.

Zova 25.11. – 23.12.
Celtic symbol: Black Horse
The ruling planets: Saturn
Color: Red

The main feature of this sign is to develop and learn throughout life. They are often restless and hyperactive, they put obstacles in life. In his youth, his energy spent on futile things and people, but later learn and turn to the spiritual side of life. In love are open, but difficult to fully indulge.

Born in the first two weeks are open and impulsive. They’re great injustice that hurts the speakers, but their basic motive of its correction. That is why they are known as protectors of the weak.

People born in the last two weeks reign characters have big ambitions. If you manage to achieve them, it usually brings them great wealth. Financial security is an important issue to them, but only after the exercise, they can devote themselves to the emotional part of life. Quickly adapt to whatever brings them benefits in life. Free time waive in order to dedicate the completion of tasks.